Faces to Watch 2020: Lucy Cooke

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Faces to Watch 2020: Lucy Cooke

Brand manager, Beanz, Kraft Heinz

Lucy joined Kraft Heinz as a trainee in 2016 and started her career in sales. Her passion for marketing soon led her to join the sauces marketing team, where she fearlessly worked to drive our challenger mentality on Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise. The move meant she had to think about how to disrupt the market. She most certainly did that by dreaming up a brand partnership with Cadbury Creme Egg mixed with Heinz Mayo. Lucy also created a campaign inviting the public to vote on whether they wanted the ultimate condiment – Saucy Sauce. It turns out they did, and so in 2019, she launched Saucy Sauce – a Ketchup and Mayo flavour combination, which has been a successful innovation. In 2020 Lucy has been busy on our Heinz Beanz business, not only driving the brand but also working with our charity partner Magic Breakfast to help instil positive social change by donating 12 million meals and raising massive awareness of child food poverty in the UK. Beyond Lucy’s marketing achievements, she has a great style, is quietly confident, a great collaborator and passionate about making a difference. 

Nominated by: Olivia Hibbert, director brand building, Northern Europe, Kraft Heinz