Faces to Watch 2020: Yasmin O'Neal

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Faces to Watch 2020: Yasmin O'Neal

Personal care brand and sales director, Procter & Gamble

Yasmin worked in sales for Procter & Gamble before joining the marketing department three years ago. A natural disruptor, she seeks to challenge traditional approaches to marketing in beauty. For example, she worked with 92-year-old influencer Baddie Winkle to launch Aussie’s Blonde Hydration range. Yasmin has an entrepreneurial mindset, harnessing this to drive change at rapid speed – from locally adapting Aussie’s #GreatHairThough campaign to include imagery of Boris Johnson within hours of him becoming prime minister, to creating the #INgoodcompany campaign, which provided access for business owners, hairdressers and employees in the arts to short-term funding relief in lockdown. Yasmin believes encouraging different perspectives helps solve problems. Her father is Caribbean and Indian and her mother is Swedish, which Yasmin describes as a “clash of cultures” but one that inspires her to embrace a range of viewpoints. This fresh thinking, combined with a hunger to learn and holistic understanding of P&G’s business, is
why Yasmin is a “Face to watch”.

Nominated by: Katharine Newby Grant, vice-president, marketing, P&G Northern Europe