Fairtrade Foundation calls ad review

LONDON - The Fairtrade Foundation, the charity that works to protect the rights of suppliers in the developing world, is on the hunt for an advertising agency.

Fairtrade... review
Fairtrade... review

The charity has approached shops with a brief to promote its "Tipping the Balance" strategy, a vision to increase awareness of Fairtrade into a market worth £2 billion by 2012.

It is looking for agencies that can demonstrate creative and strategic thinking and work across print and digital media.

Forster, the Fairtrade Foundation's incumbent agency, will repitch and a decision is expected by mid-April.

News of the search comes the same week that Cadbury's Dairy Milk became the first mass-market chocolate to go Fairtrade, after announcing plans to sell chocolate bars with the relevant certification by the end of the summer.

The Fairtrade Foundation was set up in 1992 to ensure that developing world farmers get a larger share of the money made from products that use raw ingredients that they supply.

The charity now has more than 3,000 Fairtrade certified products that are sold in retail and catering outlets across the UK.