Fallon and Duffy launch Argento campaign

Fallon and its sister design agency, Duffy, have created an integrated campaign to launch an Argentinean wine from the independent wine merchant Bibendum.

Bibendum hired the agencies in April and is running the £500,000 poster campaign for the Argento brand alongside a photography book and a CD of regional music. The campaign is designed to raise consumer awareness of the largely undiscovered Argentinean wine sector, which only has a 1.7 per cent share of the UK market. Argento has a 35 per cent share of the wine market in Argentina.

The brand manager, Scot McRae, said: "The intention is to provide a platform from which to build the profile of Argentinean wines in the UK to a similar level as other new-world countries such as Chile, South Africa and New Zealand. The campaign will also position Argento wines as being synonymous with the 'real' Argentina."

One 96-sheet poster shows three gauchos in their customary wide-brimmed hats while another ad shows a couple dancing the tango. The 48-sheet executions show the interior of a football stadium and a scene of cacti and a motorbike. The ads were written, art directed and photographed by Duffy's creative director, Adam Whitaker.

The campaign breaks this week, with planning and buying handled by PHD.

Fallon's account director, Matt Cooney, said: "Argento comes from an Argentina beyond the cliches of polo, inflation and beef. Argentineans enjoy a rich, vibrant culture, and Argento wines are the perfect distillation of this. We want to bring this to life for people through a variety of media, not just pure advertising."