Fallon reveals ad campaign for Flowers and Plants Association

Fallon has unveiled a press and poster campaign for the Flowers and

Plants Association encouraging the purchase of more cut flowers.

The campaign is aimed at working women aged between 25 and 45 years old,

who appreciate flowers but do not often buy them for themselves. It will

aim to break the prevailing stereotype that the act of giving flowers is

normally confined to romantic gestures, gifts or special occasions.

All three executions aim to encourage consumers to see flowers as a more

everyday purchase. They poke fun at the romantic symbolism attached to

flowers, which often results in women waiting to be given flowers by

their loved ones.

One of the executions reads: "Frank hasn't given his wife flowers since

builders wolf-whistled at him on the way back from the florists."

Another execution reads: "The last time Craig bought Valerie flowers was

four years ago, when he needed change for a meter." Each ad ends with

the strapline: "Why wait? Buy your own."

Jade Horton, an account manager at Fallon, said: "More than 70 per cent

of cut flowers bought in the UK are either for a special occasion or a

gift and, unfortunately, the bulk of these purchases are concentrated

around the two biggest commercial days of the year - Valentine's and

Mother's Day. We want women to liberate their own stereotypes when it

comes to purchasing flowers."

The campaign was written by Ros Sinclair and Sean Thompson, and art

directed by Richard Flintham. The photographer is Tierney Gearon. Media

planning and buying is through Walker Media.