Fallon spot promotes BBC3 as Monday cure

Fallon has created a TV campaign to promote the new Sunday night primetime schedule on BBC3.

The ads endorse the digital station by showing how a Sunday night spent watching it can make whatever happens on Monday morning seem bearable.

The scene opens in a bedroom on a dreary Monday morning where a man is getting up, happily getting ready for work despite the miserable weather outside.

He remains unperturbed by the sour-faced people in the street and the long queue for tickets at the station.

The story flashes back to the night before and we discover that he finds the start of the week bearable because he has spent the previous evening watching BBC3.

The endline reads: "Monday-proof yourself. Sunday nights on BBC3."

Alice Blackwell, the BBC3 marketing manager, said: "Sunday night is the most important night for our target audience, so we are giving them top-quality entertainment."

The ads were written by John Cross with art direction by Andy Johns.

The director was Maggie Zackheim through BBC Broadcast.

Media planning was done in-house through the BBC.

The 40-second and two 20-second ads will run across BBC1, BBC2 and BBC3 and will be supported by specific programme trails.

Magnus Djaba, an account director at Fallon, said: "The campaign recognises why we stay in and watch TV on a Sunday night rather than go out."

BBC3 attracted an average of 197,000 viewers on the first night of its launch last February. The channel, which aims to appeal to a diverse youth audience, took a 1.32 per cent share of the viewing public, after reaching a peak of 270,000 viewers.