The Famous Grouse gets opportunity to unwind in AMV spot

Whisky drinkers will be encouraged to unwind quite literally in a

new ad for The Famous Grouse Finest Scotch created by Abbott Mead

Vickers BBDO.

Part of a new £3 million campaign for the whisky brand, the ad,

called "unwind", opens with an object that looks like a spinning top

whirling across the signature white set. As the "top" slows down it

becomes apparent that it is the animated grouse unravelling himself.

As the grouse slows down, he sighs and plods off the screen to the

strains of the brand's familiar music.

The film breaks on 4 August and will be followed by two more ads in the

summer. Another execution, "the inglorious twelfth", shows the Grouse

donning a military helmet to protect himself on the opening of the

shooting season on 11 and 12 August.

Mandy Courtney, a board account director at AMV, said: "All the ads

continue the creative strategy of using the Grouse as hero to dramatise

wittily whisky drinking occasions and moods."

The campaign was written by Jeremy Carr, art directed by Ron Brown and

directed by Michail Zabka through Stink. Media is by New PHD.