Fans pay tribute to Michael Jackson with "eternal moonwalk"

LONDON - Following Michael Jackson's memorial last night, which attracted a global audience of hundreds of millions, a Belgian agency has created an online "eternal moonwalk" to commemorate the king of pop.

Eternal moonwalk... online tribute
Eternal moonwalk... online tribute

Devised by group94, the website features a continuous stream of videos, submitted from all over the world, of fans mimicking Jackson's famous moonwalk.

The successful, and sometimes entirely unsuccessful attempts to recreate Jackson's legendary moves are accompanied by the intro to the Jackson track Billie Jean.

Users are invited to press the S, D, F, J, K and L keys while the film plays out, triggering an accompaniment of Jackson's vocal nuances such as his oft-used "hee hee" cry.

The moonwalk begins with the "King of Pop" himself performing the dance move before launching into the impersonation efforts of the public, which range from the accurate to the bizarre, with one film featuring the moonwalk performed by two potatoes.

Users can also submit their own moonwalk, which will be added to the randomly selected stream of videos.