Farm extends FSA food safety campaign

LONDON - Farm has extended its GermWatch brand identity for the Food Standards Agency to a new campaign to promote Food Safety Week.

GermWatch...campaign by Farm for FSA
GermWatch...campaign by Farm for FSA

The new campaign is aimed at promoting good food hygiene practice by advising on the best ways to avoid food poisoning.

The brand identity consists of three elements: GermWatch wording. Grubeye (the brand character) and the Killer Facts.

Gary Robinson, the Farm creative director, said: It's exciting to have both a client and a consumer that are wanting a brand to behave in a sinister way.

It is not everyday that you are asked to create something in the horror genre and I think we managed it with a three-fingered character with an eyeball for a head."

The TV campaign will air on GMTV for three weeks from 9 June, alongside sponsorship idents created by GMTV.