Farr takes Chime's new-business post

Sue Farr, the chairman of Chime Communications' advertising and marketing services division, is being moved into a new role.

She will remain on the company's executive board, but is taking up a marketing and new-business post, covering all of Chime's divisions.

The move follows Chime's acquisition of VCCP in July. The team at the helm of that agency is now in charge of Chime's marketing services division.

Farr's new role will involve securing new business in all of Chime's markets and has been created following last week's news that the company is now posting an operating profit.

Chris Satterthwaite, the chief executive of Chime, said: "This is a new role covering all areas and all divisions of the company. It will allow Sue to push the business forward, while keeping in touch with all her old clients."

Farr added: "I have always thought we needed this sort of position. Following the company moving back into growth, we thought it was the perfect time to start aggressively chasing any new business in the market."