Faulds ad targets young drug drivers

Faulds Advertising has unveiled a television campaign for the Scottish Road Safety Committee to highlight the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs.

The campaign's brief is to reduce illegal drug driving by targeting an audience of predominantly young men aged between 17 and 24 years old, and make them aware that the Scottish police now has the means to test for drug driving through a Field Impairment Test.

While driving under the influence of drugs is an offence, drug takers often consider themselves safe from prosecution. Faulds' campaign will aim to raise awareness of the issue with the public, while educating it on the impact of drugs on driving ability.

"Last laugh

apes generic American police film footage by featuring police cars in pursuit of speeding vehicles in New York. The police are shown testing people who are acting out of character at the side of the road.

While some are giggling, the severity of the matter is shown when the camera pans round to show the same scene in Glasgow through the eyes of a hallucinating drug taker.

The campaign was directed by Mark Brozel through Rogue Films. It was written by Pete Bastiman and art directed by Steve Mawhinney.

Media planning and buying is through Feather Brooksbank.

Richard Marsham, a communications director at Faulds, said: "The style of the ad reflects a programme genre that a young male audience can relate to, and the research has shown that it is a credible way to communicate the message without appearing too patronising or authoritarian."