FCB Inferno introduces alphabet of illiteracy for Project Literacy

Ninety-second video gives an A-Z look at the global issues tied to illiteracy

A campaign for Project Literacy, an initiative from British education company Pearson, uses the letters of the alphabet to raise awareness about illiteracy as a major contributor to many global problems. The 90-second video from FCB Inferno features a children’s show-styled see-and-say sequence set to the tune of "A You’re Adorable." In this case, however, the lyrics have been altered to address issues such as drug abuse, infant mortality and homelessness, and illustrated with animated sculptures by Wilfrid Wood, known for his work on the satirical show "Spitting Image." The clip ends with the message that teaching people to read and write can help solve some of the world’s biggest problems and encourages sharing via social media. The ABCs of illiteracy are further explained at ProjectLiteracy.com, where visitors can also sign a petition urging the UN to make literacy a more measureable target within its Global Goals for Sustainable Development.