FCB New Zealand copywriter hires clown for redundancy meeting

Yes, there were fake tears involved.

Clown: made balloon poodle in meeting
Clown: made balloon poodle in meeting

Josh Thompson, (former) copywriter at FCB New Zealand, found out he was about to be laid off. And what did he do? He brought an emotional support clown to his redundancy meeting. You certainly can’t fault the guy for lack of creativity on the job, even when on his last legs.

According to The Guardian, the agency had lost a big client that resulted in a string of layoffs, including that of Thompson, who had been with the company for five months. Thompson had received an email from his bosses that read: "Bad news. We’re having a meeting to discuss your role."

Instead of bringing in a family member or a puppy, Thompson hired a clown for NZD200 ($128) dressed in a colourful hat/wig for the meeting.

The clown was said to have "crafted balloon animals throughout the meeting, including a poodle". The report added that the clown’s antics were "squeaky, and Thompson’s bosses had to request he quieten down several times". At one time, the clown was also said to have mimed crying when the redundancy paperwork was being handed over.

The New Zealand Herald reported that Thompson has since secured a new job at DDB along with his creative partner (sadly, not the clown) and they are set to start their roles next week.

A version of this story first appeared on Campaign Asia-Pacific