FedEx shows journey of a parcel in YouTube ad

FedEx has rolled out a campaign called "show the world", which aims to show the scale of the network by following the journey of one man's bottle of hot pepper sauce.

FedEx: runs YouTube campaign
FedEx: runs YouTube campaign

AMV BBDO created the two minute online film that shows the story of keen cook Llewellyn Clarke, who lives on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean and creates his own recipe hot sauce.

It follows his dream of sharing the taste with the world. He sends the sauce from his home to a mountain village in China, to Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Switzerland.

After people from far corners of the world have tasted the sauce, he is able to add the sticker "enjoyed worldwide" to the bottle.

The six month campaign comprises press, digital, outdoor and social media.

Brand: FedEx

Agency: AMV BBDO

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