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How Fiat's personalised approach drives traffic: Pick of the Month

Car manufacturer Fiat's data-led creativity and strategic partnership with Auto Trader UK, Instagram Stories and Idomoo makes it Facebook and Campaign's Pick of the Month

Fiat wanted to raise awareness of its 500X, drive traffic to an interactive hub and ultimately generate test drives. The stylish 500X is an efficient, compact SUV, marketed as a car for everyone, that can "go anywhere". Fiat needed the best way to demonstrate the 500X’s versatility and position it in front of a targeted audience in the competitive small SUV category.

Fiat partnered with Auto Trader UK, Facebook’s Creative Shop, Signal Productions and Facebook Marketing Partner Idomoo. The ads needed to portray lots of scenarios, feature different backgrounds and represent a mixed, diverse demographic. 

They built 20 different video creatives informed by user interests, and tailored the targeting to those actively searching for a new car across Facebook and Instagram Stories. Applying Auto Trader UK’s rich first-party data to Facebook and Instagram’s interests and demographic segment paid off: "We were able to deliver greater efficiency of social media spend and drive better performance of the campaign," explained Dickson Abegunde, head of branded content and partnerships at Auto Trader UK. 

The audience was overlaid with their Facebook and Instagram interests, allowing Facebook and Idomoo to deliver multiple types of video. Yaron Kalish, CEO and co-founder of Idomoo, said: "This campaign was especially meaningful because it marked our first ever dynamic video ad creative campaign launched on Instagram Stories, using our Personalised Video as a Service (PVaaS™) platform."

So, how does it work? If a user likes camping, dog-walking and outdoor activities, for example, they’ll be served an ad which has a family driving to a camping trip. 

The ads featured an Influencer family, The Inside Edit’s Leti and Zac, and their two children, in varied settings. 

Signal Productions created the source assets. "By shooting the 500X with the family against a green screen and working with the Idomoo platform, we were able to generate hundreds of versions of the video campaign directly within the Facebook Ads Manager, and reach the target audience with their very own version of the dynamic creative," explained Tony Jones, Signal’s digital director.

Three stand-out stats:

 - 1.7million users on Auto Trader UK and 835,000 users on Facebook and Instagram were reached over a three-month period

 - 14% increase in performance (view through) when using the Auto Trader UK data with the Facebook segments, when compared with using Facebook segments without Auto Trader UK first-party data

 - 110-place rise for the 500X up Auto Trader UK’s search ranking table, to third most searched-for car

Kate Barrett, brand communications manager, Fiat & Fiat Professional, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

"The campaign results were excellent, surpassing expectations as well as industry benchmarks.

It resulted in the 500X model moving up 110 places in the search rankings to the third most searched-for car on the Auto Trader UK site."

Brittaney Kiefer, digital and creative editor, Campaign

"Fiat’s campaign smartly targeted Auto Trader UK users by delivering content relevant to their interests at the time when they were most likely to want it, on the right platforms. Partnering with the YouTube influencer family also helped bring the brand down to earth."

Tom Laster, Regional lead, marketing partnerships, S. Europe, Middle East and Africa, Facebook

"It’s amazing to see the excellent results that Facebook marketing partner Idomoo achieved with Fiat and Auto Trader UK. More brands are utilising this sophisticated approach to creative and targeting to achieve greater results."

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