FIELD/TELEMARKETING: HOW WAS IT FOR YOU? Field marketing companies are offering more in terms of brand experience. Pippa Considine takes a look at six of the best campaigns from recent months

ASDA DRIVE-IN MOVIES: What better use of Asda car parks than as

moviedromes? Especially when the stores are open for 24-hours, so you

can tack your shopping onto your cinema experience.

CPM Mobile Marketing arranges drive-in showings of films such as Grease,

Jurassic Park and for the Asian community in Bradford, Bollywood

Classics, complete with a cinema 'Snack Shack' and waitresses on skates

serving food from the Asda Fresh range. The soundtrack is transmitted

through car radios and a grandstand with a PA system caters for

pedestrian shoppers.

Those in cars with no radios are given small portable radios and coat

hangers for tuning in.

The movies have been so well-received that Asda has signed up for

another 60 in 2001. CPM also worked on the outdoor cinema events that

are part of Stella Artois' Campaign award-winning 'movies that matter'


BREAKINGVIEWS.COM AND THE TICKERMEN - The five Tickermen were a sort of

City version of the Teletubbies, who patrolled the streets of the City

for three weeks in September and October last year to promote, the financial analysis website. The five were dressed

in suits with a metre-wide LED display mounted above their heads, linked

to a modem so it could show the breaking views analysis and comment.

They were supported by a poster campaign and ad vans carrying a new

business message each day. As with other internet ventures, giving the

site a three-dimensional feel on street corners was a solid way of

promoting a more abstract idea. Brand Communications agency Myrtle came

up with the idea and was helped by a field marketing team from

Communique. Site registration increased by 20 per cent after two days of

the campaign and by 100 per cent within a week.

EVIAN'S SPA - Given its huge sales in clubland, it makes sense for Evian

to sponsor the Creamfields 24-hour dance event. But rather than the

usual ticker-tape event branding, it decided to go with a more grand


It was August and the product is water, so why not build a pool? With a

fully-branded Evian swimming pool and a PR teaser campaign about whether

or not the pool was filled with Evian (in fact it had only a sprinkling

of the valuable water), festival-goers brought along their trunks and

bikinis and splashed about.

Crowds of 40,000 or so saw the pool and a whole lot more read about it

in the likes of The Sun and the News of The World. That was in 1999. In

2000, the pool became a fully-fledged spa, reflecting Evian's heritage

since it hails from the French alpine spa town. Last summer, there was

also a jacuzzi, miniature golf course, tennis and a massage area. We

await plans for 2001.

THE SKY DIGITAL NEWSREADER - The Millennium Dome may not have managed

its own brand too successfully, but one of the top-rated draws in the

tent was an authentic in-studio TV experience brought to you by Sky

Digital and field marketing company EMSChiara (now Mosaic Technology &


Visitors to the Dome looking for an interactive attraction could be

filmed while reading the news in the branded studio which was recreated

for the purpose. The idea was also used to generate publicity, which

included being voted as the best experience to be had at the Dome by the

readers of Time Out.

STRONGBOW LOAFING LOUNGE - After their success at music festivals in

2000, Strongbow's 'Loafing Lounge', created by the brand experience

gurus at RPM, is being fitted for the holiday scene in Ibiza to help

bring 'maximum refreshment' during the sizzling summer months.

The lounge, which hit the mark for 18- to 24- year-olds at music

festivals last year, is constructed as though it's a roadshow, but

decked out with an underlit perspex floor, sofas, beanbags, Sony

Playstations and waitress service.

Branding is louder on the outside; once inside there's a

Strongbow-branded projection, but otherwise branding is kept to a

minimum. On the Spanish island the lounges will be found in one of the

top clubs at night and during the day Strongbow will be offering a

hangover recovery service on the beaches with a cranial masseuse to

relieve the pressure of being on holiday.

THE ADIDAS RUNNER - To get from the streets to the store, Adidas, as

sponsor of the London Marathon in April this year, decided to place a

runner in-training for the event into the shop window at Lillywhites'

Piccadilly Circus store. The runner was Samantha Tomlinson, a 25-year-

old who set up home in the window, in a loft-style 'apartment'

containing fridge, TV, video, telephone, bed and running machine.

After running the event, she returned to the window for a day's

relaxation and recovery. Inside the store, 70 square metres was turned

into a London marathon street scene with Adidas' three stripes painted

on the floor to lead shoppers to the scene, where two marathon

consultants were on hand to advise on the race alongside an Adidas

footscan computer simulator for customers to check their stride pattern

and choose the best shoe for their running style.

Meanwhile, at the three-day pre-marathon Expo at the London Arena, live

runners performed inside a suspended atmospheric box in a variety of

simulated weather conditions. RPM, which has carved something of a niche

in brand experience marketing, is also behind this initiative.