Financial sector pours cash into posters

The financial services industry is snapping up poster sites at an unprecedented rate.

The financial services industry is snapping up poster sites at an

unprecedented rate.

A report from Poster Publicity revealed that expenditure by financial

advertisers has increased 82 per cent in the past two years, and the

outdoor specialist anticipates a rise of 23 per cent this year. If this

prophecy proves accurate, financial companies’ poster spend will have

risen from pounds 25.8 million in 1997 to more than pounds 58 million in


Although no-one has calculated these companies’ spend on taxi, airport

and ambient advertising, Poster Publicity estimated this could add

another 30 per cent to the figure.

’With the end of the financial year only a month away, the outdoor

market is dominated by financial companies using posters to try to

squeeze more funds out of private investors,’ said the report.

HSBC was the largest outdoor advertiser last year, with a spend of

pounds 3.2 million. It was followed by Direct Line (pounds 3 million),

NatWest (pounds 2.8 million), Switch (pounds 2.6 million) and Barclays

(pounds 2.3 million).

As well as the big high street names, the report also pointed to the

increasing use of posters by less well known City institutions such as

Gartmore Investment Management, Jupiter Unit Trust Managers and Invesco

Fund Managers.

David Sherring, joint managing director of Poster Publicity, said: ’All

types of outdoor formats are being used, both for tactical short-term

purposes, as in the ISA advertising we see up now, but also for generic

brand building.

Outdoor can deliver a receptive, upmarket audience


As the number of financial products continues to multiply and generate

interest from a greater number private investors, the boom for outdoor

is expected to continue, the report concluded.