Finish launches follow-up to Cannes Lion and British Arrows-winning campaign

Finish explores the masses of dirty dishes caused by ageing and heartbreak, in two new TV ads created by Wieden & Kennedy London.

The new ads, which will run on TV from today (28 March), follow the brand’s successful "dishes" and "glasses" spots that ran in 2015 and were also created by Wieden & Kennedy London.

In the new ads, heartbreak and ageing are viewed through the lens of the dirty dishes they leave in their wake, for example as a result of comfort eating, or birthday parties with lots of cake.

As well as linking the inevitabilty of doing the dishes to major life events, the ads promote Finish’s Powerball washing tablets, which are framed as being pitted against and triumphing over the major life events that leave so much mucky crockery in their wake.

Wieden & Kennedy creative directors Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro said: "Many books, songs and films have attempted to explain human nature and the meaning of life. Finish believe what defines human existence and what men and women came to this world for is making tons of gooey, sticky, dirty dishes.

"While someone writes a poem or an opera about this, who better than the leading dishwasher brand to reveal this inexorable truth?"

Wieden & Kennedy’s first campaign for Finish won a Silver Lion at Cannes in 2015 and also won a Gold at the British Arrows awards on 23 March 2016. Wieden & Kennedy has worked on Finish since May 2014, when the brand's owner, Reckitt Benckiser, moved several brands out of Havas Worldwide and into Droga5 and W&K.