Firetrap in hunt for agency to promote new clothing range

Firetrap, the youth fashion brand, is talking to agencies about its clothing business.

The company has approached a wide range of agencies - spanning the

above-the-line, ambient, PR and guerrilla marketing disciplines - about

its business.

Gavin White, the marketing manager of Firetrap, said: "We've seen a few

agencies but have yet to select and draft a shortlist. We'll be looking

at working with people with expertise in different areas."

It is believed the company is looking for an agency to create work for

the next season's clothing range, which will help it stand out in a

crowded market including high-profile competitors such as Diesel.

White confirmed Firetrap would still be working with its media agency,

Target Media.

"Target works with us on a strategic and buying level," he commented.