First sex toy ad to run during daytime TV

A TV ad for a sex toy company has been cleared for broadcast during the day for the first time.

An ad for one of the UK's largest online retailers of sex toys, Lovehoney, will air on 3 October at 10.15am on ITV2, during ‘The Real Housewives of New York'.

The ad was created by Halo Media, which worked with the TV compliance specialist Clearcast to comply with industry standards that restrict sex toy companies from the use of sex in TV advertising.

The 30-second and 10-second ad shows a close up of a married couple having a passionate lingering kiss. While viewers expect to see the couple in bed, when the camera pans out, it reveals they are in their hallway, about to leave for work.

Nick Ellis, creative director at Halo Media, said: "While you can use can use sex to sell anything, when it comes to a sex toy company, you can’t. It can’t be too energetic or friction-based. Therefore, we approached it differently, to promote the benefits of a healthy sex life to those who would never have previously used a sex toy. We repositioned the brand into a well-being category."

The art director on the ad was Hamish McWhirter. Mark Simon Hewis directed the spot and Response Team handled the planning and buying account.

The ad will run for two weeks across ITV2, Living, E4 and MTV. Press ads will also run in Company, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping magazines. Outdoor posters will run on the London Underground.