Five chooses Lateral for strategic website rethink

LONDON - The terrestrial broadcaster five has appointed Lateral to its digital creative account after a six-way pitch.

Five launched a review following a major interactive strategy rethink that aimed to improve integration of its on-air programming and online content.

Lateral will overhaul the five website (, adding a new content management system. The new site will launch this summer.

The agency will also act as five's interactive strategic partner to develop the broadcaster's interactive communication with viewers via SMS, interactive television, e-mail and picture messaging.

"Following our internal interactive strategy session last November, we have looked at how we can tie all elements of interactive into a more cohesive strategy. This has resulted in the reduction of online content by 50 per cent and a focus on programming relevance," Simon Downing, the head of marketing at five, said. "Lateral is redesigning our site into something that we feel is truly innovative for a terrestrial broadcaster."

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