Five evolves on-air idents to appeal to younger audience

LONDON - Five is evolving its on-air look with a series of idents designed to appeal to a younger audience.

Two years after rebranding, the idents are intended to freshen up Five's look and reflect changes in its programming output.

Nol Davis, the head of creative services at Five, appointed branding Devilfish to create the idents. They were directed by Sean de Sparengo.

Creative includes Five logos formed by swarming midges, the word "five" appearing in a womb during a routine pregnancy scan. Another ident features leaf-eating ants carrying the letters "f", "i", "v" and "e", all bitten from leaves.

The idents are backed with specially commissioned music including a track from The Bees.

Richard Holman, creative director at Devilfish, said: "The challenge we set ourselves was to make each ident immediately entertaining. Too often idents are wallpaper, these are certainly not."

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