Five renews Sky access agreement in five-year deal

LONDON - Five has renewed its conditional access agreement with Sky, which gives it a listing on Sky's Electronic Programme Guide and encryption on digital satellite, for a further five years.

This decision follows the resolution of the BBC's stand-off with Sky over the fees that Sky charged it for conditional access.

The BBC announced that it has entered an agreement with Sky that meant that it would get the continued allocation to BBC One and BBC Two of channel numbers 101 and 102 on the EPG.

The BBC had threatened to set up its own digital satellite platform rather than pay Sky's fees but has opted to buy a regionalisation service from Sky.

The financial cost to Five for renewing its contract with Sky has not been disclosed.

A spokesman for Sky said: "These conditional access arrangements permit free-to-air channels to protect rights and operate regionalised services and this agreement continues the fair principles by which Sky operates the digital satellite service."

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