Nicky Bullard, executive creative director, LIDA
Nicky Bullard, executive creative director, LIDA
A view from Nicky Bullard

Five(ish) reasons I'm in Cannes

Nicky Bullard, the executive creative director at direct marketing agency LIDA explains the reasons she is hitting the Croisette for Cannes Lions 2014.

1. To rant a bit

I’m getting all purist about Direct. The lines have got so blurred in the shows that no one really knows what they are judging, or entering.

A URL on a press ad doesn’t make it Direct.

Everyone was banging on about Big Data last year, let’s see how many Direct winners have used data cleverly shall we?

Let’s see how many Direct agencies pick up.

In fact, let’s just , well, let’s.

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2. To weep openly or wet my pants

In our space, it’s hard to get sight of the great work, especially one-to-one unless the agency PRs it very, very hard.

Luckily, having judged quite a few awards this year, I’m aware of some of what’s out there.  But I can’t wait to be shocked/moved/tickled by what’s on the walls in the Palais.

3. To take over the world

It’s a great time to hang out with Matthew, Vic and Lou.  As a management team it’s hard to get time together to plan the future of the agency.

So that’s a very, very important reason why we are in Cannes sipping vino by the pool.  In all seriousness, it’s tres productive (see I am fluent in French).

Last year we plotted two pitches, restructured a department and I got to put a cake in Matthew’s face.

4. To wear a kaftan

Yep. I bought one. Which I shall be wearing with my floppy hat and Prada shades dahling.  Not in public of course.

5. To have one dinner at Le Mas Candille

So to plot one of our many world-taking-over moves (my English is good too non?), we all had lunch here a couple of Cannes back. 

It.  Is. Fabulous. 

Stunning setting, stunning food, stunning wine. 

The bill will stun you too. Not in a good way. In a taser kinda way.

5 1/2. To meet the Hoff

He’s there.

I’m there.

It’s going to happen.