FMCG sales highest in Europe since 2008 - but UK volumes drop

According to Nielsen, the volume of FMCG products sold across Europe is at the highest point since the company began tracking sales. UK sales however, dipped.

FMCG sales: up across Europe but not for the UK
FMCG sales: up across Europe but not for the UK

According to the data, in Q1 2015, FMCG volume sales across Europe increased by 2.4% contributing to the highest sales gain since Nielsen records began.

The price paid for FMCG goods by consumers rose 1.8%, contributing to a 4.2% increase in value sales for brands across Europe. However, of the "big five" western European markets, the UK was the only country to experience a decline, with sales down -0.2%.

Turkey, where sales shot up almost 20%, largely drove growth across the continent. Hungary and Sweden also experienced significant sales volume growth while the worst impacted countries were Greece, Finland and Ireland.

Jean-Jacques Vandenheede, Nielsen's European director of retail insights, said: "Rising volumes and an upward change in price inflation show things are moving in the right direction for retailers across the region."

"While one of the three engines of European growth – the UK – suffered a third consecutive quarter of negative growth, the other two – France and Germany – have now had a couple of encouraging quarters."