Folk "Folk Protest Jacket" by Brothers and Sisters

London fashion brand Folk and creative agency Brothers and Sisters developed a piece of wearable tech designed for a symbol of our turbulent times: the protest.

The Folk Protest Jacket was inspired by the slogan t-shirt, but it comes with an in-built LED screen and hidden mini-keyboard that allows the wearer to spontaneously write any slogan and display it on their chest. Five prototypes have already been worn at London and New York protests including the March of the Mummies against women who are discriminated against at work since giving birth, and the Trump Towers anti-fascism march against Donald Trump and Mike Pence. 

"Seeing people protesting against Trump one week, Brexit the next and for nurses’ pay the next made us realise the slogan t-shirt is obsolete," said Brothers and Sisters founder Andy Fowler. "The world needed a more flexible way of expressing strong opinions."