Follow the bear for refreshment

OWNER/AGENCY TRUST. Trinity Mirror chief Sly Bailey has called for media owners to have more input in the early stages of a client’s campaign. Deborah Bonello asks whether this will improve relations with agencies

If only integration were, as it says in the ad, “refreshing”, but it’s not (Thinking as one: a single media brain to call the shots, page 16, 16 March).

There are plenty of agencies that have been offering integration to their clients, very successfully, for a number of years now.

And it’s popular with clients not just for “carving a hole in their budget” but also because, as all consumer target groups are ever more “individual”, one needs an integrated approach in order to get the message delivered.

Surely, if you’re going to put it in beer advertising terms, it should be “follow the bear” rather than “refreshing”.