Ford global digital comms head Scott Monty announces departure

Scott Monty, the leader of Ford's digital communications, has claimed he is leaving car manufacturer Ford in a posting on his personal blog.

Ford global digital comms head Scott Monty announces departure

PRWeek is attempting to confirm the development with Ford, but Monty’s wording suggests the announcement is genuine and he has also posted a link on Twitter.

Monty has been at Ford for six years and was named by PRWeek US as one of 20 key digital influencers in October 2013.

This is his blog entry:

This may come as a bit of a shock in some circles, but I've left Ford Motor Company. After nearly six years with the company, I will be pursuing something else – the subject of another announcement that I'll make soon.

During my time at Ford, I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented men and women not only in the auto industry, but in the communications and marketing industries as well. Together, we created a presence for a 110-year-old company that has given new audiences and new customers a different view of what it's like at a manufacturing and technology leader.

I've been in the presence of great leaders like Alan Mulally, Jim Farley and Mark Fields. I've had colleagues like Karen Untereker and Craig Daitch who took a fledgling digital team and made it stellar. I've been part of award-winning work that goes beyond the contributions of any single individual – certainly myself included. We've been the first brand to reveal a vehicle on Facebook, the first brand on Google+, and our work continues to be celebrated by many.

Much speculation has happened over the eventuality of this day, and I've always been confident that the team and the Ford brand are much stronger than any single individual. While I've been the online face of Ford, interacting with people on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, forums, websites, traditional media and elsewhere, the operation is bigger than me, and we have a cadre of people who will do just fine. I'm flattered to receive such attention and credit, but I'm far from deserving of the accolades.

As for what's next: that's the subject of another announcement that I'll make soon. I'd just like some time to reflect on the work that our team has done and take pride in a job well done.

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