Foster's prepares to introduce extra cold lager

Foster's is taking the fight to its main lager rival this summer with the launch of Super Chilled to compete with Carling's Extra Cold.

Scottish Courage is advising bars to serve Foster's Super Chilled at 3deg C as it takes on Coors' Carling Extra Cold, which was introduced in Scotland in 2002 and subsequently rolled out across the UK.

Scottish Courage will launch the brand later this month to cash in on the warm weather.

Promotion will initially be focused within bars and pubs, although Scottish Courage may also run TV ads once the lager has become established.

To attract drinkers to Super Chilled, Scottish Courage will use specially designed beer pumps to show condensation pouring down the outside that highlights the chilled quality.

Carling kicked off its first TV campaign for Extra Cold at the end of last year. The £2m ad activity was created by The Leith Agency to build on the 'Emotionally Cold' theme, and marked the start of the brand's assault on England.

According to ACNielsen, total beer sales topped £2.5bn last year, with sales of premium and standard lager rising significantly. Sales of premium were up 9% from 2002 at £1199m, while standard was up 5% to £624m.