Foul mouthed mini Gordon Ramsay returns

LONDON - Little Gordon, the foul mouth child playing celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay junior, returns in a second viral video for online recruitment website, which has the chef dressing down the manager of a failing restaurant.

In the second viral video produced by Rebel Virals Little Gordon accompanies his parents on their wedding anniversary to a local restaurant. After waiting an hour for their starter the Ramsay Junior can take no more.

He summons the manager and lets rip as the celebrity chef has been seen to do many times in his series 'Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares' where the celebrity chef attempts to turn around failing restaurant businesses.



Adam Etheridge, Director of Rebel Virals, said: "The right creative content can mean millions of prospects will actively choose to view your messages within days. came to us with a clear goal, were open minded and, as a result, we have produced a great piece of viral content we’re all proud of. It may be early days yet, but we have high hopes for Little Gordon's viral potential."
Jonathan Hedger, marketing manager at, said: "Our main desire for this campaign was to provide some light entertainment for all those that work so hard in the hospitality industry, while at the same time raising the profile of as a great resource for jobseekers."