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Four marketing tips to make 2019 count

Facebook marketing experts offer their advice on how to make your campaigns stand out for the right reasons this year

Use minimum personalisation for maximum impact
"Reaching a broad audience is crucial for brands – yet consumers want relevance. In a world where people are in control, context is important and personalisation is pricey – how do you strike the right balance? There are opportunities to personalise everywhere, but don’t make the mistake of so many and personalise for the sake of it. 

The key question for 2019 is how to apply the minimum amount of personalisation to deliver maximum impact. And the answer? 

Create meaningful, data-driven segmentations that are built around commonality rather than difference."

Ian Edwards, communications planning director 

Be brave, not first
"I gave up predicting the future a long time ago. As a Vietnamese girl from Nebraska, married to a Frenchman, raising two little Brits, I never could have predicted my future – let alone the future. But in 2019 I know what I want, which is to see more work that is brave. 

Brands should embrace ideas that are bold, captivating and true. Like the work Mother has created with KFC, AMV BBDO with Essity, VCCP with Nationwide. 

Brands with clear, distinct voices will continue to stand out and continue to be remembered. And we should all know the correlation between share of mind and share of wallet. 

We spend too much time trying to think of firsts. But in this day and age, no one creates faster than people. So don’t try to be first. First is fleeting. Brave is lasting."
KJ Weir, head of creative agency partnerships

Talk to people – and make their lives easier
"In 2019 we’ll see more Messenger experiences appear, which not only deliver long term ROI for advertisers but are also incredibly useful for users. A dream combination. 

We’ll see more experiences like ITV’s ‘Reminder’ Bot, which uses push notifications alongside exclusive video content to ensure you never miss your favourite TV show. We’ll also see the rise of ‘conversational commerce’, with more experiences like the Lego gift Bot, which uses automation and conversation to help guide a gifting decision – the perfect solution in a world with too much choice. 

Messaging has always mattered to consumers and will continue to be the fastest growing medium in 2019. But it will also be the year that businesses use conversation to deliver genuinely useful and profitable experiences."
James Bennett, product marketing lead

If you can’t measure it, give it a miss
"In a time of continued uncertainty across both political and business landscapes, marketers at organisations of all sizes will come under increased pressure to show how their investments are working. This won’t change in 2019, if anything it may intensify, and that will impact us all. As a result, marketing budgets that can’t be linked directly to cash flow will face increasing pressure. 

Expect to see a greater focus on measurement to plan and justify future marketing investments. There will be a resurgence in econometrics for cross-channel budgeting and last click attribution will continue to dominate digital measurement. 

However, shortcomings in both will lead advertisers to increasingly use A v B testing to understand the incremental impact of advertising. 

Advanced advertisers will run multiple measurement methodologies and triangulate their way to the truth. The marketers and agencies that use data science to link their efforts to business growth will be in the strongest position for the future."
Dharmesh Damani, measurement partner 

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