Four meat-inspired food trends

Event looks at four meat-themed food options, including a beef tartar trolley and burgers with Jack Daniel's jam and peanut butter.

Mac and Wild: showcasing burgers and meat
Mac and Wild: showcasing burgers and meat

Beef tartar trolley

All-day brasserie and grill Nutbourne, which launches this autumn, is introducing its own take on beef tartar. Beef tartar will be served from a tartar trolley, where guests can personalise the exact quantities and level of onions, capers and seasoning they would like. Different meats will also be served on hot salt rocks brought to the table and cooked in front of guests and include dishes such as grouse with rowan berry jelly, cheddar crumb and wood sorrel. 

Burgers with a twist 

World street food, including burgers from Cheeky Burger, will be resident at the Islington Night Market by The Epicureans, which launches on 3 September. Food will be served every Saturday from 5pm- 9pm. Cheeky Burger features classic burger styles with unusual ingredients, such as peanut butter and Jack Daniels jam. The market will bring together an eclectic mix of styles, ingredients and flavours, with other vendors including Comfort Kitchen, Tico's, Guasacaca and Chunky Buddha.

Suckling pig and venison

Caterers Blue Strawberry and Table Talk's autumn/winter menus feature hearty meat dishes such as suckling pig with spiced plums while Scottish restaurant Mac & Wild has been celebrating red deer season with venison dishes including its iconic veni-moo burger featuring the red deer meat. The season, which launched last month, runs until 20 October. 

Duck showcase 

The Duck Truck opened its second shop at Boxpark Shoreditch in July, with a menu featuring rotisserie cooked crispy duck wraps, crispy duck salads, brioche duck buns, duck breast steaks, confit duck leg and duck fat chips together with all the trimmings. 

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