FourHundred Films forms alliance with in UK

The London-based production company FourHundred Films has merged

with Dominic Delaney, the managing director of London, sees the move as a "consolidation of


Delaney said: "The move not only enhances our roster of London-based

directors but also furthers our international offering."

FourHundred's directors (Stuart Douglas, Jon Hollis, Sharon Maguire and

Gerald McMorrow) will now be represented by


Caspar Delaney, the co-founder and managing director of FourHundred

Films, joins his brother Dominic at the London office.

The deal follows a highly successful year for FourHundred Films.

Maguire's debut feature Bridget Jones' Diary was a box office smash,

while Douglas and Hollis have shot spots for Airbus, Waitrose, COI

Communications, Texaco and Sony PlayStation earlier this year.