Fox lines up big brands to promote Avatar

LONDON - Fox has lined up a series of brands across the electronics, food and drink sectors to promote its upcoming 3D film 'Avatar'.

Coke Zero, Casio, McDonalds, Panasonic and LG will run co-promotions around what is arguably the studio's biggest film of the year.

The European promotion of Avatar is being headed up by Fox executive director of European promotions theatrical, Ian Morton.

'Avatar', based around a romance between a human and an alien, has cost Fox around $500m to produce. The film, the first by director James Cameron since 'Titanic', launches on December 18.

Coke Zero is set to run a TV campaign around the film and has been giving away merchandise such as branded bags on its Coke Zone rewards site.

Fox lines up big brands to promote Avatar

Casio has rebranded its London flagship store and has launched a competition offering the chance to win a trip to the New Zealand studios where the film was shot. The Casio campaign is UK-only.

Panasonic has been touring UK shopping centres with a 3D cinema showing trailers of the film. It is using the experiential activity to showcase its range of high definition TVs.

McDonald's is set to run activity around the launch of the film, but was unable to comment. It is believed it will be non-restaurant-based and targeted at the adult market.

LG is running a TV campaign to promote its latest Chocolate BL40 handset, featuring a screen with HD resolution. Additionally a trailer for the film has been pre-loaded onto the handset.

One trend to arise in recent years has been the creation of contra-deals between brands and film studios. In the past the cost of tying up with a big-budget film such as 'Avatar' would have been prohibitive. But in recent years brands have woken up to the power of their own media spend.

The current trend is for films to promote themselves for free on the back of a brand's marketing spend. If a prize is used they will often be supplied by the studio.