Fox to take over YouTube for Avatar launch

LONDON - YouTube's homepage will be taken over across 15 markets including the UK to promote the forthcoming Twentieth Century Fox film 'Avatar'.

Under the deal two YouTube 'power users' will be allowed to film from the red carpet "from a fans perspective" at the 10 December world premiere, which is also sponsored by LG's Chocolate phone. YouTube labels members who understand and enhance the site’s offering as power users. 

24-hours later an Avatar masthead will run across the YouTube homepage, which will also feature a trailer for the film.

The 'Avatar' YouTube homepage will run in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

YouTube ran a similar initiative around the premiere of 'Wolverine: X-Men Origins' when the film opened in April.

Earlier this year LG ran a TV campaign around Avatar to promote its latest Chocolate BL40 handset. A trailer for the film has been pre-loaded onto the handset.

James Cashmore, industry leader, media & entertainment, Google UK said: "20th Century Fox has a proud history of promoting their movies in dynamic ways. Giving the YouTube community exclusive access to the world premiere and then taking over YouTube homepages in such an interactive way will enable millions of people across the world to engage in and feel part of the Avatar phenomenon first hand."