Framestore: Introduction

It has been just over five years since we last appeared in Campaign with such a large presence. In that time, Framestore CFC has not only swelled from 100 to 400 staff, but has transformed from a post house, albeit a very successful one, into a creative studio that partners the most talented clients in advertising, TV and film. That our teams are given the chance to work across three very different disciplines has a huge impact on what we do when we create commercials with you. It makes us more ambitious, for a start. And it gives our artists a broader perspective on the ideas and technologies emerging in the different fields. And if the dinosaurs (or Hippogriffs) tend to hog the headlines, our commercials remain at the heart of what we do. They are still the biggest single team in the company. It's worth stressing just how much fun we have making something real out of the imaginary elements that originate in the minds of the creative teams and individuals we are fortunate enough to work with. Looking at the work within these pages, there's a fierce sense of pride in the fruit of these collaborations.

With this publication, we want to celebrate not only the work we have created with you, but also to share some of our perspectives on our art, and our insights into the differing cultures of commercials, film and television production in London and New York.

We also want to look ahead. This supplement was inspired by our move into the next generation of film grading with our new Spirit 4K Telecine, a move that embodies many of the qualities we value most: desire for excellence, the very best of new technology and a continuing investment in the future.