Frederik Bond quits Harry Nash for MJZ's new London operation

Frederik Bond, the director whose signature quirky style is behind the success of campaigns such as Super Noodles, VW Lupo and, is leaving Harry Nash, the production company he has been with for more than three years.

Bond is expected to join the newly formed London office of Morton Jankel Zander, the US company which launched a London operation last month. The UK outfit is being run by Debbie Turner, the former managing director of The Artists Company, which closed recently.

Bond's contract with Harry Nash does not expire until August, but it is believed he has been offered a substantial signing bonus to join Morton Jankel Zander.

Julia Reed, the managing director of Harry Nash, said: "It's really upsetting when you build a director and somebody offers them a better deal financially. It's about money - I'm very familiar with how the US system works."

Bond has won a raft of industry awards in the three years he has been at Harry Nash, and his most high-profile UK work includes commercials for Skoda, the Adidas "Lomu

spot, Nike and Kiss 100.

Reed continues to act as an executive producer to Bond's feature career.

She claimed: "Both Rocky (Morton) and David (Zander) have been actively after all our directors for the past year."

Last month, the US directors Spike Jonze, Dante Ariola, Tom Kuntz and Mike Maguire signed to MJZ from Propaganda/Satellite Films - which subsequently changed its name to Independent Films - for representation in the UK.

MJZ was not available to comment as Campaign went to press.