Freeview calls creative and media pitch

Freeview is holding a pitch for its creative and media accounts. The review, which is being handled by the AAR, will begin immediately, with a decision expected by September.

Frreview... pitch
Frreview... pitch

The free-to-air digital TV service is keen to have a campaign up and running by October to build the brand in the run-up to the Christmas period, a popular time for sales of set-top boxes.

However, Freeview has not yet devised an advertising plan for the winning agencies, and is considering all possible solutions. The company's current media agency, M2M, will be asked to repitch for the business. Freeview does not have a retained creative agency.

According to Ofcom, there are now 20.4 million UK homes with digital TV equipment. Freeview increased its customer base by 670,000 in the first quarter of 2007, taking the number of Freeview-only homes to 8.37 million.