FreeWall(r) Quad Play; High Impact Video Ad Unit

FreeWall(r) Quad Play; High Impact Video Ad Unit

FreeWall® Quad Play is a high impact video ad unit that delivers over 1% CTR and over 30% engagement, results that are over 10x better when compared to industry benchmarks. Using a pay per engagement strategy, FreeWall® ensures that budgets can be spent effectively, on a targeted audience and with 100% accountability. 

The FreeWall® ad format will appear instream after the first two paragraphs of an article, hiding the rest of the content from the consumer. FreeWall® Quad Play is a layered experience, seamlessly providing four high impact ads for the price of 1:

- Initial in-stream branded ad with a related multiple-choice question underneath

- When answered correctly, the FreeWall® reveals the rest of the article

- The ad is replaced by a video response and corresponding video kicker at the bottom of the article

- Once completed, the video is replaced with a static image containing a call to action.

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