Freixenet 'The Key to Reserva' by JWT Barcelona

Martin Scorsese, the legendary Hollywood film director behind classics such as 'Raging Bull' and 'Goodfellas', has directed a nine-minute film for Spanish sparkling wine brand, Freixenet.

The film was launched on YouTube last month, before airing on Spanish TV and cinema.

The film has been cut into 20 and 25-second TV spots, one of which you can view above. The longer film can be viewed on a dedicated website at or below.


The film, called 'The Key to Reserva', pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock, and even features the sinister orchestral score from his 50s thriller 'North by Northwest'. Hitchcock aficionados will also spot references to 'The Man Who Knew Too Much', 'Rear Window' and 'The Birds'.

It opens with Scorsese discussing an apparently unfinished Hitchcock project, which he has decided to film himself. The film then cuts to a set of Hitchcock-style opening credits, before fading to a young man, who is attempting to locate a key that will open a bottle of Freixenet cava. The film is shot in the same directorial style as Hitchcock's films.

We then see the man successfully fighting off an antagonist, opening the bottle and winning the heart of a beautiful blonde. The films ends with Scorsese musing in his New York office about what Hitchcock himself would have made of it all.