French daily Le Figaro readies charge for premium online content

LONDON - French daily newspaper Le Figaro is reportedly planning to start charging for some of its online content early next year.

However, users will not have to pay for the content that is currently available free, they will instead have to pay for new premium content, according to reports.

The premium content will be produced by new journalists that Le Figaro plans to hire.

Le Figaro is reportedly undecided about whether it will charge on a subscription basis or introduce micro payments and charge for individual articles.

Parisian daily newspaper 20 Minutes interviewed Luc de Barochez, editor of, who said that advertising income was not providing enough revenue for ongoing development of the site.

Lefigaro would not be the first French newspaper to start charging for its online content. Rival daily Le Monde has a monthly subscription of €6 a month for full access to its content.

In the UK, the FT has a subscription model for its premium online content, as does The Wall Street Journal in the US. Fellow US paper The New York Times is also looking at charging users for access to its online content.

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