French shoe retailer launches spoof Everyday Sneakers viral

LONDON - A French sports shoe retailer has launched a spoof viral campaign starring a Japanese businessman, creator of the 'Everyday Sneakers' movement, to promote its business.

The campaign has been created by Paris-based agency Mask, to promote the Courir chain of shoe shops.

It focuses on Takeshi Mushido, a fictional Japanese businessman who has transformed his company by getting all of his staff, from senior management down, to wear sneakers.

Mushido's philosophy is that when people are wearing sneakers, they are instantly more relaxed and that a relaxed workforce is more productive and less likely to take time off because they are stressed.

The site features a two-and-a-half-minute spoof interview with Mushido on the fictional 'World Business Show', promoting his book. Other areas of the site contain an explanation of Mushido's philosophy, along with graphs proving his theory works and wallpapers to download.

It also features a link to Mushido's sneaker collection, which in turn leads to the Courir website.

The project has been created by Mask, the independent agency founded a year ago by former Leagas Delaney Paris copywriter Aude Mee and art director Sam Kadz, best known for his work on Volkswagen's advertising by DDB.

Along with the web work, the "Everyday Sneakers" campaign will take to the streets of Paris with guerrilla marketing activity, also featuring Mushido.

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