Fujifilm unveils photography concept store

Shop will be located in Covent Garden.

Fujifilm: store will have dedicated exhibition space
Fujifilm: store will have dedicated exhibition space

Fujifilm is opening a London concept store celebrating and showcasing all aspects of Fujifilm’s photography and imaging brands, from picture-taking to picture-making.

"The house of photography" will open this winter. Spread over three floors, it aims to inspire and encourage visitors to get creative and immerse themselves in the world of photography. Visitors can test out products including Instax instant cameras and printers, and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras and lenses.

An area called the "wonder photo shop" will focus on photographic creativity, with visitors able to create their own photo books and gifts. Kiosks will be available for instant printing. 

The shop will also feature a dedicated gallery and exhibition space, showcasing photographers’ work shot using Fujifilm products. The debut exhibition will feature the work of Markus Klinko and his portraits of David Bowie.

The space will also offer seminars and information on additional products. Fujilfim is working on the store with retail marketing agancy Liberation Build.