The Futures Company launches global trends service

LONDON - The Futures Company, recently formed by the merger of research consultancies Henley Centre HeadlightVision and Yankelovich, is launching a global consumer trends service.

The service, called Global Monitor, integrates quantitative survey data with Global Streetscapes, an observational database of the latest marketplace manifestations of trends.

Global Monitor will provide both ongoing marketing insights and future scenarios for clients and is launching as part of the strategic rebranding of the combined firms as The Futures Company.

The Futures Company, which formed in January, has launched a new graphic identity, which appears on its website, along with the tagline "unlocking futures".

Sian Davies, chief executive of The Futures Company, said: "The marriage of Yankelovich's expertise in US consumer trends and Henley Centre HeadlightVision's global trends intelligence takes global trends research knowledge to a new level.

"Global Monitor brings the trends shaping our world alive, providing a visually exciting, street-level understanding of today along with a compelling, actionable strategic vision of the future."

The Futures Company's expertise also includes health, sustainability, and generational and multicultural marketing.

The Futures Company is part of WPP's Kantar Group with offices in London, Chapel Hill North Carolina, New York, Mumbai and Delhi.