G3 uses nude photo in risque campaign for jeweller Fennell

Theo Fennell, the upmarket jeweller whose clients include Elton

John and Victoria Beckham, is courting controversy with advertising

showing a frontal shot of a nude wearing only earrings and a


Financial News has declined to run the ad, although it will appear in

national newspapers and quality magazines including Vogue, Tatler and

Vanity Fair from next month.

"The ad was a bit overt for Financial News and we have had to provide an

alternative," Richard Melik, the creative director of G3, the agency

which produced the campaign, said. "But there have been no other


The ad, for the company's Strip range, is the first of a series running

until next spring. It is the work of the artist Jonathan Yeo and

features a portrait of his girlfriend, the model Shebah Ronay.

It is the first work to be produced for the jeweller by G3, which

specialises in luxury brands, since the agency picked up the £500,000 account in March. G3 also handles media buying.

Its aim is to increase awareness and drive sales for the company, which

wants to put its name alongside prestigious rivals such as Tiffany,

Cartier and Bulgari.