Gallaher releases final Hamlet spots

Gallaher is using a viral campaign for its Hamlet brand as a last-minute attempt to reach young smokers before the tobacco advertising ban comes into force this week.

The spots, made by Cdp-travissully, mark the agency's swansong for the Hamlet brand before the ban starts on 14 February.

They show a more risque take on the familiar Hamlet moment. In one, "willy", a tall black man laments the size of his member while standing next to a shorter man in a urinal. In the other, "car park", a flash chap in a Ferrari is banged on the head repeatedly by a car park barrier when he tries to leave a car park. Both characters light up a Hamlet as they deal with their predicaments.

Each viral ends with a link to a website,, which shows previous ads and will be accessible until midnight on 13 February.

The agency claims more than 100,000 consumers have downloaded images from the site so far.

The Cdp-travissully managing director, Simon North, said the ads fitted perfectly with Gallaher's previous strategy for the brand, which focused on younger smokers.

"Using virals, which enable conventional film to be passed via e-mail, is the ideal way of getting the messages across to younger smokers," he said. "We hope this push will put the brand front-of-mind at this time."

"Willy" was written and art directed by Tony Burke and Milo Campbell, and "car park" was written and art directed by Ruan Milborrow. Both ads were directed by Henry Littlechild at The Viral Factory.