Gallery 01: Campaign Screen - Blame Someone

Appealing to a sophisticated yet cynical audience of creatives is no mean feat but we feel these ads hit the spot perfectly. (Then again, we may be somewhat biased). The three scenarios feature situations with which many will identify, including the client and the ever-increasing logo and the morons who typically make up a focus group. Using well-known industry figures adds to the campaign's impact. Top performances all round, but then these guys are merely living out their fantasies.

Product/client: Campaign Screen

Agency: St. Luke's

22 Dukes Rd

London WC1H 9AB


T: +44 20 7380 8888

F: +44 20 7380 8899


Creative Teams: Al Young, Julian Vizard

Production company: Bikini Films

60-62 Great Titchfield Street

London W1W 7QG


T: +44 20 7323 0660

Director: Felt

Producer: Hannah Cooper

Director of Photography: Felt

Art Director: Tom Gander

Post-production company: Felt

1 Sans Walk

London EC1


T: +44 20 7336 6824

Post-production company: The Mill

40-41 Great Marlborough St

London W1V 1DA


T: +44 20 7287 4041

F: +44 20 7287 8393


Sound Design: Andrew Ebel; Saunders & Gordon