GALLERY 01: Nike Shox - Uptown Graffiti

Brilliant animated graphics fill the screen to create these spectacular, vibrant images that move so fast it's hard to keep up with the pace - a clever analogy for the Nike brand. This ad resembles a cross between American Abstract Expressionism and Japanese comic books, particularly the hand-drawn turtles that float over busy urban roadways and the leaves that float over the artist who washes the cityscape with his brushstrokes. Powerful beats from Japanese DJ Uppercut add to the manic energy in the spot.

Product/client: Nike Shox

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Infini Bldg. B1

Akasaka 8-7-15


T107 Tokyo


T: +81 3 5771 2900

F: +81 3 34236410

Creative Directors: John C. Jay, Sumiko Sato

Agency Producer: Kenji Tanaka

Art Director: Eric Cruz

Writer: Barton Corley

Production company: Motion Theory

321 Hampton Drive

Suite 101 Venice

CA 90291


T: +1 31039 67883

F: +1 31039 67883

Director: Eric Cruz

Producer: Javier Jimenez

Music: DJ Uppercut