GALLERY 02: Nike - The Great Return

A simple idea astoundingly executed. This Nike ad could resemble any other - a boy running with cool trainers through the streets of Brooklyn, New York - if it weren't for the fact that it was shot with 50 cameras, creating a jerky, fragmented effect that lends the film an incredible speed and energy. Sheer genius in the cutting room when you consider that 560 hours of tape landed in the edit. Amazingly, almost no post production took place, apart from colour balancing each and every camera.

Product/client: Nike

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

224 Northwest 13th Avenue

OR 97209 Portland


T: +1 503 937 7000

F: +1 503 937 8000

Creative Directors: Hal Curti, Mike Byrne

Agency Producer: Andrew Loevenguth

Art Director: Monica Taylor

Writer: Mike Byrne

Production company: Outsider

2nd Floor

41-42 Foley Street

London W1P 7LD


T: +44 20 7636 6666

F: +44 20 7323 0242


Director: Rupert Sanders

Producer: Paul McPadden

Director of Photography: Peter Donohue

Post-production company: Method

1546 South Street

Santa Monica CA 90401



T: +1 310 899 6500

F: +1 310 899 6509

Editor: Neil Smith;The Whitehouse

Music: Clint Manzell