GALLERY 02: Supernoodles - Salsa

Supernoodles is back, bringing life to its great piece of strategic thinking, 'you are what you eat', with a humorous shoot-out. Strangely similar in style to Wrangler - Ledwidge and Bond were both at Harry Nash at the time (proof that great minds think alike?), the ad again shows an amusing mock face-off. The fatty foodies gang this time do battle with the posh foods City boys in a minicab office. It is great to watch and perfect tonally for the brand.

United Kingdom

Product/client: Supernoodles/Campbell Grocery Products

Agency: Mother

200 St John St

London EC1V 4RN


T: +44 20 7689 0689

F: +44 20 7689 1689


Creative Director: Luke Williamson

Copywriter: Yan Elliott

Art Director: Clare Clarkson

Production company: Harry Nash

Harry's House

27-29 Beak Street

London W1F 9RU, UK

T: +44 20 7025 7500

F: +44 20 7025 7501


Director: Ringan Ledwidge

Producer: Sally Humphries

Director of Photography: Ray Coates

Post-production company: The Whitehouse

12-13 Kingly St

London W1R 5LD, UK

T: +44 20 7287 3404

F: +44 20 7287 9670

Editor: Richard Orrick